SPEAKING of 2013

I’ve been writing since 2001. I knew that I enjoyed sharing stories from the page. When WEARING came out, I started to receive requests to speak across the country.

Who likes to speak in front of a large group of people? I’ve read that some fear the stage more than death. Eek! But in 2009 I discovered that I love sharing stories from the stage almost as much as sharing them from the page.

In 2012 I got to speak a lot. I spent more than a month on the road in 2012 traveling to speak in front of some of the biggest audiences to which I’ve ever spoken. I talked to auditoriums and stadiums full of people who where there just to listen to me for an hour.

This was humbling and amazing.

I remember one event in 2009 at a local library in Indiana where three people showed up. Here’s the most surprising thing: whether three people or three thousand, I haven’t lost the sense of responsibility, joy, and passion for sharing the stories of the people I’ve met on my adventures. If you told me that I would still enjoy sharing some of these same stories, which I’ve shared hundreds of times, three years later, I would have laughed at you. But I do.

I love it and will be doing more of it in 2013. Now I have WEARING and EATING stories to share.

Invite me to speak to your group. Email me at hi@kelseytimmerman.com

Note: I’m putting a priority on being home in 2013, since I was gone so much in 2012. So I’ll be limiting the number of engagements I’ll be doing this year. This is to say that if you want me to speak to your group, the sooner you contact me the better.


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