Women helping migrants like Amilcar

Central American migrants ride atop trains to make a better life for their families in the United States. In some places, the locals are sick of the migrants and throw rocks at them, in others they throw bread. The women in this video are throwing bread and they rock.

So thankful people like this helped my friend Amilcar on his three month journey.

(Thanks to Rachel Taber of Alta Gracia for pointing me to this)

Helga says:

This video brought tears to my eyes. I just finished reading “Where am I Wearing?” because I TA a class at Brigham Young University and wanted to check out your blog. What an amazing work you have done! BTW, where can I buy the “Where am I eating” book? I looked on Amazon and could not find it.


Kelsey says:

Constantly amazed by compassion like this. What is your class? Where Am I Eating comes out in May. I’m busy writing it now. Thanks for the comment.

Helga says:

The class is called “Issues in Global Communication”. It’s a great class because it’s opening a lot of students’ eyes. One good example the professor gave was in regards to human trafficking. Out of the 49 students, only 3 raised their hands when he asked if people were aware it still existed. I was shocked – since I am Brazilian, I know that it exists and thought everyone else would. I was wrong. So I’m hoping by the end of the semester those students will be more inclined to know what happens around them for real.

Excited for reading your next book! Thank you for your reply!

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