Win a Fair Trade Gift Basket!


UPDATE 10/8/12 : This contest is closed. Ali Jenson won! If you still want to comment on if you buy fair trade or not, please do, but you won’t win anything

This year I’ve seen Fair Trade preserving a culture in Colombia, and it sending kids to school in Ivory Coast.  That’s why I’m so

pumped to kick off Fair Trade month (October) by giving away a Fair Trade gift basket provided by Fair Trade USA (see below).

All you have to do is answer the following question in the comments below, or on my Facebook wall, or on Twitter using #FairTradeContest.

Have you ever bought Fair Trade? 

A YES or NO is sufficient for entry, but if you’d like to expand, I would love to know why, why not, what, or if you’ve even heard of Fair Trade before. The winner will be randomly selected on Friday.

If you aren’t sure what Fair Trade is this should help.  And here are are 10 easy ways to celebrate Fair Trade month.

Here’s what you’ll win…(there’s some yummy stuff and great stories in here)…

In this lovely Fair Trade Certified tote bag (made in a Fair Trade factory in India) you will find: Just Love Coffee RoastersMadhava Natural Sweetenersagave, Rishi Tea ginger pu-erh tea, Coconut BlissStash Tea Guayusa, Numi Organic Tea sampler, Lily’s Sweets Chocolate and Badger Balm lip tint & shimmer.

Judy Brewer says:

No, I have not…..ashamed to say.

Steve Contos says:

To be perfectly honest, even though I took you the airport in NYC, Faie Trade Coffee was what I was most aware of. I knew that there must be other products but not what they were. Coffee makers display it proudly on their packaging, but I have never noticed it on any other products when I have been shopping. But I will start to be more diligent.

Awesome idea, where can I get Fair Trade items?

Katie says:

Hi Rebecka,
You can find Fair Trade at almost any store, though your best bet are the natural products stores or Whole Foods Market. Look for the Fair Trade label on coffee, tea, chocolate, bananas, sugar, quinoa and more! If you can’t find Fair Trade where you shop, you can also order Fair Trade products online. Here’s a list of brands that carry Fair Trade products:
Fair Trade USA

Hey Kelsey, you might be proud of your old intern because when he worked at a certain grocery store, he bought fair-trade ice-cream from the natural food selection (I think the same brand as in the picture, but definitely not coconut) as well as agave syrups bearing the fair-trade stamp. Also, I noticed Starbucks has the same statement on the side of most of their bagged coffee. Did you discover this to be true?

Becki says:

I only buy Fair Trade, organic coffee when I buy ground coffee. Won’t buy the other stuff even with a coupon. My coworkers grumble about this, but they don’t realize there is always at least one brand in every grocery store that qualifies, even in my very conservative county! And at Dunkin, I’ll only drink their espresso drinks, which use Fair Trade espresso beans (I don’t think their regular coffee is Fair Trade; the sign on their door only mentions espresso). It just makes me feel better about being hooked on the caffeine, if I know the grower is more likely to be getting closer to a living wage. I also prefer Fair Trade chocolate, which is getting easier to find, too, in wonderful flavors like dark chocolate with crystallized ginger. 🙂

Does anyone sell Fair Trade bananas or sugar? I don’t remember seeing things like that in my local grocery stores.

Denise M says:

Yes i have, it is the right thing to do. Plus the products tend to be more natural, gluten free and less harmful to my body

Sarah says:

I have, though mostly beverage products. I do have my eye on a handbag that’s fair trade, but times being what they are, that is going to be on the wish list for a little while longer!

Jenna H. says:

I have, and I do frequently. I’m always on the look out for the fair trade logo when I go shopping 🙂

Mary R says:

I try to buy fair trade food and clothing whenever possible. Not the easiest thing to do in Canyon, Texas.

Tanya A. says:

I have bought coffee before, but am not good about buying other things that are fair trade. Need to work on that.

Stephanie says:


Renee Richardson says:

Yes, I have bought fair trade products 🙂
Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

Kyle says:

Yep. I used to get Bat City Blend coffee beans from Katz coffee roasters in Houston. It was fair trade, and bonus: cool name.

I have and have been given a Fair Trade purse as a gift. I love it!

Sarah Hepler says:

Yes, I’ve bought many different fair trade items: clothes, coffee, sugar, chocolate, and home decor. I especially like Ten Thousand Villages and People Tree.

Pamela Murphy says:

I have just become aware of this in the last couple of days. I will certainly be looking and asking for Fair Trade items in the stores that I shop in. Thank you for helping to get the word out and offering these great Fair Trade products.

Mara K says:

Yes, coffee, some clothing from Alta Gracia, chocolate and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I buy fair trade when possible, but not as likely as I would prefer! It is definitely important and worthwile and I love to support the cause whenever possible.

Laura B says:

Yep, I have bought Fair Trade chocolate before, but I really need to buy more.

Renee says:

Yes, mostly chocolate. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Kelsey says:

You are welcome. Thanks Fair Trade USA for donating the gift bag!

Matt J says:

Yes, though in my line of work it can be very hard to find.

Kelsey says:

Matt, What’s your line of work?

Connie Golden says:

Yes, I have bought fair trade coffee and fair trade chocolate.

Ali Jensen says:

No, I have never purchased anything from Fair Trade, but I’m excited to share all of this information with my friends and family!

Kelsey says:

Ali, You Win the gift bag! I just emailed you the details. Congrats!

Robin O says:

Yes, I have bought Fair Trade coffee, chocolate, and dried fruit snacks.
I follow @FairTradeUSA on Twitter and very much support the movement.
Thank you for the giveaway!

Mary Dreesen says:

Yes!!! I started with fair trade coffee and chocolate but through researching products have bought soaps, jewelry and handbags. Always on the lookout for more products. Thanks for the giveaway!!

kathyg says:

yes, and everyone needs to understand and learn more about it.. it is a win win for us all.

Stefania says:

Great initiative! Just shared it on Twitter. XOXO

Stevie Slaney says:

Yes! I love buying fair trade and will not purchase tea or coffee unless it is fair trade certified! I have also purchased fair trade sugar and cocoa powder to make fair trade brownies, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream with fair trade ingredients, Divine chocolate, and fair trade clothes online. My family loves fair trade as well and has purchased these food products as well as clothing and jewelry that is fair trade. Fair trade is a big passion of mine and I absolutely love supporting this amazing cause!

Isaac says:

I have, and try to as much as possible.

Sandy Nevels says:

I’ve only bought Fair Trade Coffee & chocolate. I’ve never really heard, seen on really know what FT products are. I am interested in learning more about it & then share with family & friends. Lately I’ve seen more talk about FT and want to learn more about it, than just the name.

meredith m says:

I try to buy fair trade coffee when I can, especially coffee since its so widely available! I do have to admit that I have bought non-fair trade for some pumpkin spice coffee

Emily says:

YES! I actually work for a fair-trade retailer and am a member of my town’s Fair Trade Committee (we were the first Fair Trade Town in the US you know!!). Though I have lots of fair trade options readily available to me, I still enjoy the scavenger hunt of finding new fair trade things. I’m always looking for more.

Glenn Ibarra says:

yes, ground coffee

Noamy says:

I have not at the moment.

ikkinlala says:

Yes, I’ve bought various types of fair trade food, most often coffee, tea, chocolate, and sugar. I wish it was easier to find other fair trade items, though – I’ve seen some fair trade clothes but not a wide variety, and other items (electronics, for example) don’t even seem to be offered in fair trade versions.

Gale says:

Hello! I have bought fair trade. I started trying to buy fair trade chocolate when I learned about how much slavery contributes to the cocoa industry. I’ve since learned that slaver labor contributes to nearly every type of agricultural and manufacturing industry…but unfortunately I can’t afford to buy everything fair trade yet, even if I could find fair trade items for everything I need. But I try to support these companies when I can. I figure any little bit helps them survive and if they do well it sends a message to the larger companies.

I’m adding this to a listing of fair trade giveaways that will be up on my blog soon. I would love to know when it ends so I can put it in order with the other giveaways.

Alison says:

I’ve bought fair trade. I’ve recently been making efforts to be mindful of where I buy products and who I support. My current favorite is a shoe company that is bringing their community out of poverty in Ethiopia. Check out sole rebel shoes if you get the time.

Sally says:

I have never bought fair trade before because honestly I wasn’t really ever educated on it. I didn’t know what fair trade was or what the impact it makes. Now I understand better and have looked more at products that are fair trade.

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