The Time to Be Awesome is Now

Forget decision 2012 (For a moment. You better vote in a few weeks!). Forget Obama vs. Romney. Check out the Kid President. This dude is hilarious and inspiring. His messages:

Be awesome now.

Choose fun.

Don’t be in a party. Be a party!

If people keep throwing balloons in your face, DANCE!

He recorded this video for Krochet Kids International. I saw CEO Kohl Crecilius, CEO of KKi, speak at Ball State last night. I believe that we aren’t going to shop our way to a better world, but what we buy does make an impact. And KKi’s hats are making a big impact by employing 150 women in Northern Uganda. Each of them signs the hats they produce. I’ll write more about KKi later, when I add them to Kelsey’s Closet.

But for now I have to write 1,063.45 words/day for the next 32 days. That includes Sundays when football and the Walking Dead are on. Oh no!

But it’s best not to think about the work ahead. It’s best to think about being awesome right now.

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