Where Am I Wearing 2nd Edition is out !

The Where Am I Wearing? 2nd edition is out! Now with 38.4% more words! Waiw2 Cover

It was a pretty major update. All of the old material is still there, but there are also about 25,000 new words.

Here’s where to buy Where Am I Wearing?

I always felt that the book was incomplete. I went to Honduras, met a garment worker named Amilcar who I chatted with for 10 minutes, I didn’t ask him the questions I wanted to know (dude, is this a sweatshop?), I went home and was haunted by Amilcar, so I went to Bangladesh, Cambodia, and China to meet the people who made my clothes and ask them the questions I didn’t ask Amiclar.

But what about Amilcar?

New content includes:

• Astonishing search for the Amilcar in Honduras who inspired the book and who traveled a death-defying journey of love, sacrifice, and hope (you’ll never guess where I found him!)

• A visit to a fair trade Ethiopian shoe factory that is changing lives one job at time

• Updates on the lives of the workers I met and how rising food costs and declining orders in the wake of the global financial crisis have squeezed them

• New tips on how to be an engaged consumer

• A call to arms for glocals (global and local citizens)

• Discussion guide and activities for educators focusing on sweatshops, child labor, fair trade, globalization, global poverty, immigration, individual and corporate social responsibility, labor rights, microcredit, international aid, and global development

• Service-Learning ideas for educators

• Note to freshmen on how to get the most out of their college journey

I wrote the 1st edition of WEARING within a few months of returning from the adventure. Then, the jury was still out on how the experience changed me. And boy did it! Writing the 2nd edition allows me to share the big takeaways from my adventure.

I’m so thankful to my publisher John Wiley & Sons to give me another crack at it and to all of the readers, schools, professors, and students who made the 1st edition a success. I hope you’ll buy the new edition,  share it with your friends, ask your library to carry it, review it, and do all of the things you can do to support an author you appreciate.

Oh yeah, to celebrate I’m going to be giving away loads of socially/environmentally responsible apparel over the next two weeks so check back soon and you’ll totally want to be my Facebook friend in order to win.

Kyle says:

Awesome, dude! I can’t wait to read the new edition! I’ll keep checking the mail for my complimentary big brother copy.

Kathleen says:

I know where Amilcar is. He is in the US -in New Mexico in fact. He’s looking for sample and small production contract sewing work. I work with him (I’m a pattern maker). I can’t post his information because too many people have taken advantage of him. I make the patterns and then send them to him for sewing. I don’t charge a mark up on his work; he bills the customer directly -although I DO make sure he is charging enough and that he gets a deposit before he starts work.

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