Big News! Book #2!!!

2012 is going to be a busy year. I’ll be picking, catching, lugging, and sorting food all over the world. Check out the official announcement about book #2 in Publisher’s Weekly!

Where Am I Eating?

Dan says:

I have been patiently awaiting this… Having read so many books about “food politics” I am excited to get your insider perspective right from those that bring us our food!

Eva says:

Congrats, Kelsey!! Looking forward to following along.

Susan Fowble says:

Good job Kelsey – can’t wait to get a copy of your book and see what interesting things you have to say about food! Your Mom is so proud of you!

Mary saintignon says:

Great job on the new book Kelsey. What a great job going around eating all the time! Do you need an assistant?

Steve says:

Congrats! Looking forward to your new book.

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