Peace is…

My friend in Bangladesh asked me to contribute to a publication he’s putting together about Peace. Here’s what I wrote.

Peace is…

Peace Is

Peace is knowing what tomorrow brings.

Peace is not having to hear, “I’m hungry.”

Peace is enjoying the moment and living for the future.

Peace is a child playing.

Peace is a new pair of shoes.

Peace is having enough food for your pet.

Peace is feeling needed.

Peace is not feeling like a burden.

Peace is sitting with a friend in unspoken silence.

Peace is being able to dream.

Peace is laughter.

Peace is hard work.

Peace is a parent watching their child sleep.

Peace is school.

Peace is staying dry while listening to the rain.

Peace is your own toy.

Peace is sharing.

Peace is not having to send your child to work.

Peace is learning a friend in Bangladesh is okay after the floods.

Peace is the journey and the goal.

Peace is what we all strive for individually, but can only accomplish together.

What is peace to you?

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Peace is always being connected to home.

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