The Little Princes strike back

Day 3 of the Little Princes hostage crisis.  Between here and facebook and email and twitter about 40 of you have come to my rescue.  Now, how to find another 60 people to do one of the following and report back in the comments?

1) Buy little Princes from Better World Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, your local independent bookstore, or wherever. A portion of all sales go to support Next Generation Nepal;

2) Donate to Next Generation Nepal;

3) Like Next Generation Nepal and Little Princes both on facebook and then tell all of your friends about it;

4) Blog about Next Generation Nepal.

5) Ask your librarian to order Little Princes.

On Monday, the day Little Princes is released, I’m going to share why the book is so important to me personally. It has to do with monks, orphans, a foot infection, and another hostage situation.  Until then, here’s Conor talking about NGN’s important work.


Gary Hyslop says:

Hey Kelsey!
Count another one! I just bought the book, and I’ve already liked both NGN and Little Princes on Facebook. Hope your blog is free soon!

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