Freedom from the Little Princes!

Thanks to all who helped take one of the suggested actions in support of “Little Princes” by Conor Grennan and to “free” my blog.


Cool people on “Little Princes,” Nepal and Conor

Isabelle’s What to Read Next blog – she was invited to an event by Conor’s publisher and met him

Joanne Brokaw encourages us to be like Conor and show up.

Joe Simpson’s amazing Nepal photo album on Facebook

Karen Duffy’s review in the Dayton Beach News-Journal:””Little Princes” is a tale of determination, courage and love that will not leave you unchanged.

Now back to your regular scheduled blogging.


Kelsey, I’ve said it before: You’re the man! Thanks for your amazing support. I owe you!


Thanks for the link, Kelsey! I got my book in the mail – it’s next on the reading pile! And let me know about our mission trip. 😉

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