$10 for Tuesday: Homeless are Homeless

It’s sort of funny when a big butter Jesus burns down – in fact, I drove by the site last week and it’s even funnier in person – but there’s nothing funny at all about a homeless shelter burning down.

No one wants to live in a homeless shelter.

I remember the scenes in Pursuit of Happyness where Will Smith and son are waiting in line for a bed at a homeless shelter in San Francisco. The father, Will, was looking down at the ground to avoid eye contact while simultaneously scanning out the side of his eye for anyone that might recognize him.

Making the decision to move into a shelter must be quite humbling.

But then to have the last place you would turn burn would really seem like life is kicking you while you’re down.

That’s why this Tuesday my $10 is going to the Muncie Mission homeless shelter, which recently had a fire. I gave to them earlier this year, but they need all of the help they can get right now. If you want to help, go here.


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