Thankful Home

My buddy Tim Bete, former director of the Erma Bombeck writers workshop, who forever holds a special place in my heart for dragging his daughters through 10 inches of snow to my first ever reading, is editor of a cool new project – ThankfulHome.

Here’s how Tim describes ThankfulHome: allows people to share their stories about housing issues by submitting short videos. Visitors to the site can share why they are thankful for their homes or talk about a difficult housing situation they’ve faced (e.g., homelessness, unsafe conditions.) By connecting people who have decent housing with those who don’t, hopes new innovative solutions to housing issues will emerge.

Having been away from my home for the past six weeks, I’m feeling very thankful for my home. Almost as thankful as this girl…

I did a similar thing in front of the mirror, except I was wearing Underoos.

Thankful for your home? Send a video into

Tim Bete says:

Kelsey, thanks for helping us spread the word about! I have just one question: Where were those underoos made and who made them? I expect a full report.

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