The story of Nuru


Jake was a soldier.

Jake fought terrorists.

Jake had a moment that changed his life.

Jake delivered fish.

One morning, before surfing, Jake got a call from Stanford saying he had been accepted to their business school.

Jake had an idea.

Jake went to Africa.

Jake was struck by lightning. (That’s a good one.)

Jake grew corn.

Lots of corn.

Jake changed lives.

This is Jake’s story.

But the thing about Jake‘s story – the thing that Jake really doesn’t like about it – is that it gets in the way of the amazing thing that‘s taking place in Kuria, Kenya.

Josephat, a father and a farmer, went from living in a mud hut worrying about how he was going to feed his family, to a man who produced five years of corn in a single crop.Corn corn

Lucas went from giving his children water that gave them Typhoid, to a man who taught his community about microorganisms in the water that were killing loved ones.

Times Josephat’s and Lucas’s story by 5,000. This is the story of NURU.

It’s much bigger than one man’s story. It’s about how one man’s story became 5,000 people’s story and about 5,000 people’s story becoming…well, we don’t know that part yet. Nuru has only been on the ground for 1 ½ years. They will be expanding to communities in other needy places soon.

I was honored to visit their program this past week. And it will be even more of an honor to watch their story grow from here.

Thanks to the amazing Nuru team for showing me around.

Gail Searfoss says:

I love a story told in such a simple and direct way! thanks…I think I’ll post this link to my facebook page. Keep up the good work!

We loved having you over to the project and sharing stories, especially the one about you guys pushing a car uphill. I’m grateful for your perspective and your voice on injustice!

Let your voice be heard!