"I live in the slums"

The people in the slums of Nairobi actually use the word “slum” to describe where they live. They say it casually like someone might say that they live on Main Street.

It’s a fact of their life. It is a kick in my gut.

The past two days, I’ve been in Nairobi helping film a documentary in the slums with Life in Abundance. There have been quite a few kicks in the gut. I thought I would share a few of them.

Rosa and I are both parents of a toddler. A few toddles and my toddler Harper can go from the safety of our toy-laden living room to the stairs or the kitty litter box. A few toddles of Rosa’s toddler and she can be out the door into a world of danger, starting with one of Rosa’s biggest fears – a steep dirt slope that fills with running water and could wash her toddler away.

Jackie, a mother in the slum of Mithera, sleeps with one leg in the bed and the other hanging over the edge so that the cold water would wake her.

Starting tomorrow morning thanks to the kind voters at www.heldhostagebyapathy.com, who could’ve voted for me to teach kids how to play ultimate Frisbee, I begin a 24-hour stay in the slums. I’m staying with a Prophetess.

I’m looking forward to it. While there will be plenty of kicks in the gut, there will be a lot of smiles and laughs. Plus, I’ve got a killer blog title. It should be posted this weekend.

Wish me luck.

Larry says:


Lots of luck man, and I hope the laughs and frisbee game bring some joy.

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