The missing 10,000 words

Here’s the deal. I don’t like hitting people up for money all the time. Many of you were kind enough to donate to my fundraising/NYC marathon efforts.

And now here I am again, a hostage, asking for more money on the banner of my blog and on this micro-site. It’s not money for me, but to help fund a documentary for Life in Abundance, which does amazing work throughout Africa. The documentary that they made last year (see the trailer below) was screened around the United States and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you donate, LIA will list your name in the credits. You’ll be able to list “film producer” right next to “Spanish Club president” on your resume. How cool is that?

I would like to up the kickback by offering you…

The Missing 10,000 words of Where Am I Wearing?

I was contractually obligated to write a 65,000 word book, but I wrote a 75,000 word book. This left 10,000 words on the chopping block. They aren’t all that shiny or terribly relevant to the scope of the rest of the book, but they are okay.

In the 10,000 words is a story about a near-death experience with a fer de lance and a failed romance. Both were near-death experiences come to think of it.

So, if you donate (or have donated already) to LIA, send me an email requesting the missing 10,000 words, and I’ll send them.


This is my HOME (movie trailer) from Life in Abundance on Vimeo.

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