Free Money! I want to give you $10



Tell me why you need $10 and if I think you’re worthy, I’ll send it to you.  Why? Because it’s Tuesday and every Tuesday this year I’m giving $10 to a worthy cause as part of my #ten4tues project.

Maybe you have a charity that you want to pass the $10 onto. Maybe you want to take your grandma for a cheeseburger.  Maybe you’re saving for a trip to Africa. Maybe you’re my wife and think I shouldn’t just give money to some random person. Whatever the reason, let me know via email, in this comment thread, on Facebook, or on Twitter (@kelseytimmerman).

It’s all about the Alexanders, Baby…



$10 will purchase two books to give to high school ninth graders who may have never owned a book before–the program, started by our Friends of the Library group is popular with the kids, many who haven’t come to the library before–but soon realize we are here to help–we have free materials they can borrow–and there are computers!

Ganesh says:

hii i need money please give me 10 dollars . I would be happy if you give that money to me .

Cipto Cahyono says:

Dear Sir,

I’m an unemployed person who is looking for any activity could give money for my live. But sometimes it is so difficult to do so cause I need some small amount money for supporting my activity in searching for job. Please give me 10 dollar, it is needed to pay anything related to my fight to get a job

Ginger says:

I adopted a dog and I’m taking her to vet for the first time so I want to buy a dog seatbelt for her.
I usually sit right next to her on the back seat to make sure she won’t fall from the seat whenever the car stops but if she had a dog seatbelt then she will be safe so if I get a chance to get $10 I want to buy her a dog seatbelt.

kaitlyn says:

Next weekend is easter and I would like $10 to buy my two children easter baskets. I was not able to do it last year and I would really like to see their faces easter morning when I give them their baskets from the “Easter bunny”

Kelsey says:

Ginger, So great of you to adopt a dog. I really wish I could do another $10 this week, but I already gave it away. Hope your doggie gets his seat belt.

Kaitlyn, See my above response to Ginger. However, I probably could do something next Tuesday. I’ll send you an email. I remember getting baskets from the Easter Bunny and would love to help.

Kate says:

I would make a reservation for some of the trips that are offered in to know the Patagonia

scott claverie says:

i need ten thousand dollors

Gary Woods says:

Dear Kelsey, I believe it is a great ministry to others for you to give them $10. Money really does add up. If I could only find someone to give me $60,000 to pay off my loans that I’m stuck with now that college is over, that would be amazing! It’s a bummer I’m unable to use my degree as I have wished since the economy is low. I attended Bethany Bible College for five years in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada. I’m originally from Michigan (which is the worst economy in the United States) and have been relocated to New Jersey where I did my internship. I’m currently working at Wal-mart which doesn’t give much pay, therefor I’m living with a family I stayed with during my internship. I have two separate loans to pay off including the cost of a car (1990 Ford Taurus! I pray to God is never breaks down, or I’m a goner), room and board and food. And money needed to take my Woman out! In due time I know things will look up, and it may not be for awhile, but I’ll get there somehow. Well there’s everything in a nutshell. Thought if I was to receive $10 from anyone, midas well give you something worth reading. I really would love to give money away to many people, help my family and friends get out of debt, help the homeless here and over seas. O joy what it would be!

God Bless You!

Gary Woods, Jr

Tasha says:

I would like the $10 so I can ride the bus to work! After interviews and struggling to find work I’m sitting here rolling pennies just to make it there.

oscar says:

i need those 10 dollars because in venezuela is to difficult to have them, because political reasons and i really need money, every single penny! to visit USA for the V star wars celebration…that’s all!

asha says:

I’m an unemployed person in india who is looking for any activity could give money for my live. But sometimes it is so difficult to do so cause I need some small amount money for supporting my family. Please help me .

Elmore says:

Well I know it’s not Tuesday lol, but hey. I don’t know if you’re actually doing this, but if you are, I really could use it because my girlfriend is stranded in Bedford, (about an hour North) and I need the gas money so I can go get her. I’m going bloody crazy without her.

Edawrd N.Karuma says:

I know it not Tuesday but i need $10 to buy food for my late bro children.Send through western union money transfer. My contact are EDWARD NGUGI KARUMA Box 502-00219 KARURI KENYA ,Phone no. +254720904669.
I will appreciate for your help.

hengkie says:

I am unemployed person right now seeking for job. so, if someone will help me this moment I said thank you.

Ivanhoe says:

Give it to Cipto Cahyono

Darren says:

Hey!!! I just started up my website explaining why I need money. Please go there and I hope you laugh enough to give me money 🙂 Feel free to email me if you have any feedback or questions!

visvimshoes says:

good Cipto Cahyono

maria says:

por la situacion en mi pais México, estoy pasando por un periodo muy malo en mi economia solo vivo para pagar al banco mis deudas, pero en fin creo que asi vivimos muchos en el mundo aunque es muy estresante, gracias por escuharme y mil bendiciones a usted y su familia que Dio los lleve siempre por caminos de paz amor y prosperidad

Preeti Singh says:

I’m a student of high school in india who is looking for any activity could give money for my mother’s life. She is very sick and i have no money for her treatment. Her condition is very serious and i have no money to paid doctor for my mother treatment. So, I need some small amount of money for supporting my mother’s life. Please help me with $100. Pls reply me as soon as possible it’s very urgent.

Pamila says:

I am just one of many that can use the money, but I hope you give it to me. I go from pay check to pay check – my kids think MOM means Made Of Money. $10 can help me fill in the gap between paydays.
Thanks either way!

sunny says:

Hi,aim sunny from India.i need money to invest in hi fund program-me.It will be a great help if you pay me money.

wow key says:

If you do not delete my comments,I’ll give you $10.

Anne Davis says:

I am sure there are many people that need the money more than I do, but I could use it for gas for my job search. I have been looking for over a year now, and it is very frustrating when you are taking things back to have gas money for job searching. I would greatly appreciate it if you do pick me and would be willing to pay it back.


Wokey says:

Wow, I love your pictures and your suggestion. I want to $10. How can I get it? Please inform me. You can find me at

lula says:

well can find another one hundred people like you willing to give $10 each? that´s all i need.

christy says:

i just wanted $3 …
so i can sucscribe an application in facebook “God wants you to know” .. if i subscribe, the application will send message everyday to my phone .. i really like the message that they always tell me .. sometimes support me and sometimes reinforce me ..

ekta says:

i need money to help my friend to buy books for her…please try to select me…
thank u.

raj says:

i need money to help my parents to feed us properly…

soniya says:

hi it seems ur like a god for me to give me some money because i m in deed of dat for make my house happily working.

michelle says:

i want 10 dollars because i want to treat my father. 2day is fathers day and i want it to be special. Thank you so much if u grant it.

Sasha says:

Hello, My name is Sasha, im from Ukraine. Please give me 10$. i will pay fo my internet. Sorry for my English 😀 my wmz Z460172848745

Nancy says:

A benefit will be held July 17th 2010 for my dear sister who is battling cancer. Any donations at this site would be greatly appreciated.

dear sir, am angiating john , am from nigeria i reside in the easthern part enugu. i need 10dollars to aid me in my surgical operation aniah .please sir be of help to me god bless you .phone +23408134258553. 0570700254115466131 zenith bank nigeria.

mahmoudzamel says:

i need money soon because i’m poor man in palestine
i need it and a lot of money to get small flat to live in it with my wife
my life is very hard, so i need helpe from you please,
thanks for all

Nancy says:

A cancer benefit for my sister.
Check out the website to read her story.
Thank you,


arul says:

i need money to help my parents to feed us properly

Paula Willingham says:

I need all of the dollars I can get. I have been laid off since last year. My ex-fiance was responsible for the bills but my lights got turned off. My 16yr old son ( who has a developmental delay had to go live with his father and my 8yr old daughter and I had to come stay with grandma. My bill is 763.00 plus an additional 140.00 deposit to turn service back on. I have been looking for a job everyday even though my body has not fully recovered from the surgery. I just need a little help getting my life back on track. Someone sold me a car and told me I could pay them when I get the money but I can’t even afford to go get it because I can’t pay the insurance or for the tag. I have always been very responsible, but the last year has been terrible for me. I got rid of my fiance for good because any man who can’t take care of his household is Not for me. I’m at my wits end. Please help!

sahmie says:

i want $10 pls. I need to make a business. Maybe $10 can earn $1000:)

Hezron Obado says:

Am doing Children ministry along lake Victoria in Kenya, this has been successful because most Children are coming to the Lord and finding hope.
Means of transport is not pleasing since we started by walkig to the nearby beaches, but now we have to go beyound and we need either motor bike or vehicle that can take us so that we can minister to these children who are suffering from: rejection, HIV/Aids and other problems in effective way.
Please you can come and see all these by yourselves…
In Him

Pepweezer says:

So I need $10 because… well technically I just WANT $10, I’m not gonna lie. I’m a deli girl, extra cash always comes in handy… especially when you’re lookin at [trying] to get a new car. So, $10 put into a savings account, not such a bad thing 😉

fun 4 fun says:

can i have it please i berley have any money

Hezron Obado says:

For more information contact me at: +254720241464
l need you so so much and would be greatful for everything

thakur manohar singh says:

Hello, My name is thakur manohar singh form indai i need some money 1000 dollars home borplam money soon because

I’m a pretty straight forward kinda guy. I’m always looking for the next little scheme. However, I like what you’re doing here. No tricks. No scams. Just cash. I like cash, which is actually going to be my reasoning to you on why I think you should give it to me this week. I like cash a lot. I like what you’re doing so much mainly because there is a chance of me getting more of that cash that i oh-so adore. Cash cash cash… It just sounds cool. I don’t have anything remotely resembling a sob story. So I can’t really go down the pity road. I can tell you this though, I’m going on a road trip in a few weeks and I’m attempting to save as much ca$h as I can. $10 would certainly help. If not this week I’ll be around ALL of next week too… and the one after that… and the following one. I like my odds.

Zarria Porter says:


Im a 14 year old 9th grader and i tryin to get money together for new school clothes.My mother is unemployed right now and the ten dollars would really help.

My name is Michelle I am a 32 yr old single
mom of 2. A 12 yr old lil girl and my
7yr old son Kevin whowas diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of cancer called Rhabdomyopsarcoma on June 19,2010 he is getting chemo and radiation. I am trying to raise 1500.00 to get a vehicle and my license so I can get him to his doctors appointments in Atlanta, Ga which is nearly 4 hours from our home in Valdosta, GA. We have to be in Atlanta twice a week and sometimes more. I am a waitress and it’s very hard to juggle all of this. I feel like im letting my babies down. But im trying. I would greatly appreciate it if you would please ask your family and church and anyone else you can think of to please pray for my Bo. His name is Kevin Bo is his nickname. Thankyou

joy fuller says:

I need money for college. any donation would be great.

cerise says:

Hi, I am Cerise Clarke, a first generation college student. I start school in the fall and I have a list of college items to buy that I can’t afford. Ten Dollars would buy 3 things on my list that I don’t have now. Thanks for your consideration.

alex says:

hey, I don’t have any reason, haha 🙂

ramon cacho says:

i wish i had $10 and i will be so sad pleas give it to me

hem says:

i just want 10 $ so that i can earn more money and give people 10$ for free like you

roy stratton says:

my wife left me then i found out i was bangrupt 3 years before what a shock,i couldnt get a bank account nobody would touch me,then i lady i know lent me some money to get backon my feet,iwould like to treat her to something nice,hopeyou can help, roy stratton

Minusguy says:

Give it to me or i`ll kill you>=)

RAJedroszkowiak says:

I am without work and need money. It will be pleased to received money.

My God Bless You.

DenverJohnson says:

Hello, my oldest son was just diagnosed with leukemia, and I’ve been searching for sites like thi to get all the help I can. I’m unemployment due to a bad lay off, and I’m really having a hard time finding work. I”m not much for begging, but 10 dollars wouldn’t help much, but it would still help.

satish says:

please help me i am verry poor i want sutdy but no moeny please help me . Help….Help……Help…..

harish yadav says:

my father is not giving money to go and play in national tournament . it is good chance

harish yadav says:

my father is not giving money to go and play in national tournament . it is good chance everyone not get please help me, god will help you. age-16

Hezron Obado says:

Pliz, let me know if this is possible
you can give this to your trusted members to come and give us after approving what we are doing.

Hezron Obado: Camp facilitator/counsellor/ Children ministry incharge.

Dennis osei poku says:

Dear sir i need money for my admission to school if could help with that i would go

venkatesh says:

i am waste pls help me

Mandy says:

Ten dollars would be a great start for my trip back home. I’ve been living stateside here for two years now, raising my late mother’s children- and I haven’t seen my own father or brothers since then. I’m trying to finance a trip in January ’11 to fly home to Australia for two weeks to see them. (It’s the only time work will give me off) But with household expenses being so tight- there just isn’t money. And even if I can’t make my trip (ten dollars is awesome but it’s not going to fund the whole trip) I’ll use the $10 to mail them a card or tiny package. Cheers.

Anatha says:

It would help me invest in my student leadership program called students of Destiny. We connect youth with their dreams.

Santa says:

Hey i dont need the ten dollars, i think you should give it to the next person who responds after me !!!!!!!!!!!

L.Praveen Kumar says:

Please Help me i am studying .

Jackie Thompson says:

Bless your heart, I am not asking for your 10$ but I will match your 10$ if you will give it to ST. Judes Childrens research. See a friend of mine here in Ky has a 3 yr old son with cancer. His name is Connor Gage Napier. Were fighting for a cure. Everyone please donate to St Judes, or the Childrens Miracle Network. Or even a Good cause in your own town.

present machingura says:

$10 is small, i need $10 thousand to bring my business back to willing to give back to you with interest.

mak says:

10$?! I will give it to wirk on neobux and rent refferals and then send you 20$
my paypal:

cody says:

i need 10$ because i need to pay off my school tuition..actually i need about 100$, but 10$ is a good start for me..i’m from Romania,and it is kind of hard to come across 10$, being here about 40 ron or something in national money…

khoubaib says:

i need that money for activate my prepaid MasterCard plzzz

Jason Pilkington says:

My wife and I just had our frist baby. And I would like to take my wife out to lunch.


Halima Akhter Roni says:

Dear Sir,
I need to get admit in a language course to get a good job. I have already managed the course fee but after getting admit I will have to pay the bus fare to attend the class regularly. No body is to help me for that. If you would be kind enough to give me your amount $10 I will be grateful to you. Thanks.

tim says:

i had nothin better to do this morning so i was just kickin around soom thought about how i could help a very nice friend of mine.well she is one of the niced little old ladys you could ever met in you life and just to sit and lisen to her talk would give you such a fellin that cant be explained. but what makes me sad about this lady is we live in a somewhat small town. now i know it sounds like somethin out of a book but it really dose happin. this lady is homeless. she is 68 years old and homeless. and no one really helps her in anyway. and when i come apon your web site i thought why not try to get the $10 to help her.

velan says:

hi this is velan..i need $10 for buying a book studies..the book is very important for my studies please help me

Angel poplin says:

i think you should give it to some one that has a really good couse like jackie thompson said for people that have cancer and really need it i am 12 years old and i think ther are a lot of people it this world that would love to have 1 doller non less ten dollers would be amazing for some one that hase nothing 🙂

Angel poplin says:

and another thing i for got to add i think you should give the mony so some one in hati they have absolutly nothing at all so thank you for reading i you did i am from peidmont and i will be seeing you tomoro at my school the thank you a lot for reading and i no thier is an lot of comment but i would really like if you read me comment that would be great i no you probly have someone in mind all reayd but plz think about it and i no ,not a lot kidspost on hear but i did so ,thank you BY:Angel:p

Angel awsome says:

and another thing i for got to add i think you should give the mony so some one in hati they have absolutly nothing at all so thank you for reading i you did i am from peidmont and i will be seeing you tomoro at my school the thank you a lot for reading and i no thier is an lot of comment but i would really like if you read me comment that would be great i no you probly have someone in mind all reayd but plz think about it and i no ,not a lot kidspost on hear but i did so ,thank you BY:Angel:p

Desiari says:

Please send me the $10 so that I can bless someone else with it.

i’m sixty yrs.old and going through would be nice if i could feel financiablly set for my future. help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m 60 yrs. old and on dialysis. Money would help me financially improve my future expences. Thank you, if you decide.

v.n.krishnamacharyulu says:

hello kelsey i am kriss i need money family beacause i am poor i am working preast i am doing prayers in poor people houses but now i faced lot of financial struguls so please help me any one jesus saves u and your family

v.n.krishnamacharyulu says:

i want help please urgent please dont delay any person to help me in this world please

v.n.krishnamacharyulu says:

plese send money for my poor people through westren unoin bank my name is v.n.krishnamacharyulu., old bowenpally.,secundrabad., andhra pradesh.,india

yoni says:

to buy close

hakim says:

i’m a poor person i need money for help my grand parents,plzzz

hakim says:

this message for all good people ,plaise aide me to save my grand parents,i’m very worry to them. I need some money to save them plaizzze.that my number phone 212667287839.and my number bank 640212000000668.bmce bank .morocco

Jason says:

If you’ve really given out $10 every Tuesday, you are a very noble man. Whether it was to a very needy person or just to the funniest poster of the week I have a lot of respect for what you are doing. I am a 2 time Iraq war Veteran who’s run into a rather annoying streak of bad luck in the last couple of years. The only 2 really good things in my life have been Alcoholics Anonymous and my Girlfriend (who right now lives 1600 miles away). If you were gracious enough to give me ten bucks I would most definitely put it back in hopes of being $10 closer to may 1600 mile move.

Christy says:

If you give me $10 I will probably put it in my worldwinner account and play .99 tournaments of Dynomite because it is so addictive!

Christy says:

or use it for advertising in one of my many online attempts…lol…click on my name and buy one of my Twanger shirts with the $10!…ok well that will cost a little more than $10 but hey it’s worth it, Twanger rocks!

Tori says:

Okay, I’m desperate…but it goes a little deeper than that. I’m an aspiring actress/screenwriter/humanitarian (big dreams, right?), and right now I work at an ice-cream store [: I just recently got another job which I’m so happy for, and meanwhile I’m going to school full-time. So here’s my dilemma: I’m also in an internship with America’s leading acting and model search, where I’ll possibly land a job in the next few months. The thing is, I just got my second job, and I don’t get paid from either job until next week. I’ve been scrounging pennies together (I actually took a hundred of them to the gas station) just to get enough gas to make it to my internship. My parents are trying to make ends meet, and I’m making myself succeed, but it’s hard when I’m driving so much. If you would be kind enough to give me $10, I’d probably cry…then thank you a million times…then tell everyone about how you were generous to actually help me reach my goal. So…that’s about all. Even if I don’t get it, thanks for letting me try [:

i want nine hundered dollars because i want marrige for this money ok i live in yemen contry city aden my mobile number is 00967711953447

i want free money for me i want nine hundered dollrs for me because i want this money to marrige ok i live in yemen contry and city aden send me money please fast

m.hammoudeh says:

i need it coz i dont have mony 🙁

DINESH says:

hello iam dinesh ..i need $10 for buying a book studies..the book is very important for my studies please help me

KURT says:


John says:

I’ve never been on this site before and I never asked somone on the internet for money but this time it’s an emergency and I have nobody else to turn to. I have a 7 dollar debt and the 10 dollars could clear it. If you have 10 dollars could you please send it to me? I would be so grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read.

Swapnil says:


Why dont you donate it to any NGO?
Please donate to NGO
I will be Thankful to you

Reynaldo L. Lumabat says:

HI… your so Great… thanks God to have a person like you in this world., so many times i expend to find a person to help me, 10$ is so very Big help to me., i give it to my Friend shes needed money to prepare doc. for application him for a job,. help me… thank you and God Bless… Big Thanks if you Give him to Help. im very appreciated that. and if you go here in my Country? i want you to tour here.

saman says:

Please send me the $10 so that I can bless someone else with it.

papil says:

i need 10 dollars because i want to top-up my prepaid cell, i can use it to call the company to apply for jobs. tq.

Pamela says:

10 dollars could give my 6 yr. old a great shopping spree for her 7th birthday, this November 25th. thank you

Kole says:

May I please have $10? my probation is really ticking me off by saying I need to start paying and theres almost no jobs around where I live and I really need to have some sort of payment beginning on this thing. they hassle me everyday and I just cant seem to do anything about it. Please help me out with $10 PLEASE???

ali says:

i need 10 dollars for alot of things idk if any of them matters to u but they matter alot to me.,..

im a nine year old kid who keeps protending to be a 30 yearold to get 30 dollars i always wanted to get a visa and make money online my familly cant pay well for mu school so i have to be the first in class to get 5%off the semister i would like to also start collecting for a game or toy

that would be really nice thanx

ramya says:

if ur website is true ill be happy. my need is for my basic needs. i dont even have money for normal basic expense also.if u give am sure ill also repay u. as much possible i can. thank u

Coco A.M. says:

Hi, Kelsey, you are a good person, may be you’re a richman, so you give $10 free to other people. I want it too. Can I get $10 from you? I want to start a little business with $10, may be someday I’ll be a richman just like you too. I just wanna say “Thank You” if you give me $10. May be someday $10 can be changes my life forever. I will remember, “$10 it cames from a rich Kelsey”

Paula says:

Times are hard. Just want to be able to give the kids a decent holiday. I’m not working. I have two children in college and two still in school. My husband lost hours at work. Our home is not too happy these days. We just need a little nice fortune to fall our way.

Anthonypaying $5 at a time for a long while now. thanks for your time! says:

hi, i lost my job in june and my boss was stealing and pinned it on me to save himself. now, i had received 10 dollars back from a return to the store about 2 weeks ago. well i finally needed to spend it on my mom’s prescription. now i had taken out a loan right b4 i lost my job, and i have been paying it down, so that i can keep my end of the deal and i owe them 10 dollars. i have been paying $5 dollars at a time 4 a while now.. thanks 4 your time!

karl kristian tolarba says:

i want to buy a shirt for my father . so i need $10. give me please..

sagar says:

i want money 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000$$$$$$$$$$

sherral hutchinson says:

i need the money so i can get my 2 year old girl sum new clothe for school

aivaras says:

I dont need your 10$. But i need about 3000$ to my new minibusiness start.

joshua bender says:

i live at the salvation army and i am trying to get my drivers licence all i need is 11 dallors to finish the payment i then can get a job as a licensed cable man

Amber Smith says:

My 7 year old daughter has very bad pertruding ears and I found out tonight that even her step mother has been making fun of her ears in pictures posted on facebook. Help me get her ears fixed! Its going to cost me a few thousand and I dont have any money saved up. Im hoping income tax return will give me a huge head start but every bit is a blessing. Shes a beautiful girl inside and out and doesnt deserve the emotional damage shes getting. I already have her home schooled due to bullies…I will post her picture if need be.

obaro adeola says:

please help me i need money to finance my education here in Nigeria God bless you

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