Where in the World I was…

After 8 weeks of clues and guesses it’s time to reveal where in the World I was….


I visited Honduras in 2005 on what was to become the first leg of my “Where Am I Wearing?” adventure. I spent a lot of my time on the Mosquito Coast trying not to be killed by crazy biologists and deadly venomous snakes, playing soccer on a sandbar, and teaching an island village the game of baseball. In general, other than my brother coming down with malaria I had a lovely time in Honduras and met some great people.

But since then a lot has happened to me and Honduras.  My book was published, I got married, and a daughter followed. Honduras was hit by extreme flooding and a coup that left their president standing on a runway in his skivvies in Costa Rica.

I’ve fared much better than Honduras the last few years, so I thought I would give the country some love. It deserves it.  You have one little coup and people start canceling trips. It takes a long time to win back tourists after such negative press.  Ask Bosnia, which has amazing scenery and beautiful hikes. I just checked the State Department’s website and their aren’t any “don’t go” warnings.  So go.

If you go, you’re going to need a guidebook. I know that they sponsored the contest and I’m somewhat obligated to say this, but go with Frommer’s Honduras guide by Nicholas Gill.  I haven’t used it myself, but it’s new as of October 2009, I’ve used other Frommer’s guides and found them more than adequate and shiny, and I’m a big fan of the work of Nicholas Gill.

Go for the jungles (not the snakes or Malaria) along the unexplored Mosquito Coast. Go for the diving off the Bay Islands. Go for the Mayan temples.

I went because that’s where my favorite T-shirt was made and I had a blast.

I’ll announce the winners of the contest in the near future.

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