Stand with Haiti or get bodyslammed! #ten4tues

There are saints, then there is Paul Farmer, the co-founder of Partners in Health.

He values all life equally.  I’d like to think I do too, but I don’t. Not like Farmer.

The New Yorker did a feature on him and asked how he would set the ratio of the love for his own children and his love for unknown children.

“I don’t know where I’d set it,” Farmer answered, “but I would not let many children die so my kids could live.  I don’t think that two kids should die so that one of my kids has comfort, and I don’t know that two children should die so that one of my kids lives.”

Farmer and Partners in Health seem to be everywhere I look these days.  A buddy sent me a copy of Strength in What Remains by Tracy Kidder (highly recommended).  Degoratias, the Burundian refugee the book follows from a doctor in training in Central Africa to homeless in Central Park eventually bumps into Paul Farmer and begins to work for Partners in Health in Haiti.

I read Farmer’s quote from the New Yorker in The Life You Can Save by Peter Singer which I talked about last week.

And now with the earthquake in Haiti, I can’t flip the channel or read a newspaper without some mention of the work of Partners in Health. PIH has been in the country since 1987.

That’s why I’ve decided they are this week’s #ten4tues selection.  If you join me in donating $10 to Partners in Health, you should feel really good about it because they are one of Give Well’s highest ranked charities.

Still not convinced, know this…

Farmer’s brother, Jeff, was a professional wrestler was Sting, the professional wrestler. Donate or get bodyslammed by Sting!

To participate in #ten4tues donate $10 to PIH and report back to me in this post, on Facebook, or on twitter.  This week I’ll be giving away an audiobook of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (his books are great to listen to).

My brother, Kyle and his wife Jenn, are chipping in the prize this week.  If you have something (books, knick-knacks, or whatever) you would like to donate to the #ten4tues project drop me an email

Justin says:

Kelsey I love this post and I’m looking forward to reading this book. One of the things that comes out of horrible incidents like Haiti is people talk about giving, or being active in a charitable way more seriously. I think the #ten4tues is a great weekly reminder that many of us are blessed beyond what some can imagine and we should do more with it then stuff it in a bank account or but more stuff we just don’t need.

Justin says:

Sorry I meant to post on the Singer book post – love this post too:)

Vicky kumar singh says:

I Vicky kumar singh I am very poor i want to study but money problem

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