Shoot Me: What good is humiliation if you can't share it?

I am sick of looking at me.

I just scrolled through 600+ photos of me to select a few for my new Press Kit page. It was my first photo shoot since my high school senior pictures.  Maybe I’ll print out these photos and on the back I’ll write you a personal note about how much fun we’ve had these last four years and how I know we’ll keep in touch because we are totally BFFs.  Or maybe I’ll just select the goofiest photos and post them  below.

Brian MacDonald of MacDonald Photography shot the 600 photos plus my new book trailer. I wonder if his finger hurt as much from snapping shots as my face hurt from smiling.  We did have some fun doing it, as evidenced below, but in general I’m spent after 10 shots.  After 10 shots when I try to look serious, I look like I have  chromosomal-level problem; when I try to look happy, I look insane; when I try to look fierce…ah, hell, I never try to look fierce.

On occasion, I would have flashbacks of watching America’s Next Top Model with Annie and try smiling with my eyes instead of my mouth.

By the end of the shoot I was losing my mind, grasping for anything that would paint my face with a look other than “If I have to smile one more time I’ll pass out.”  If Brian would have pulled out a squeaker, I would’ve slobbered all over myself with excitement.  If you would have told me the world’s worst joke, I would’ve struck a pose.  Instead, Dan (at left) from Rule29, the creative director of the shoot (think Tyra’s Miss Jay), cranked the music and made me dance.

But what good is humiliation if you can’t share it?

Got any strategies of how to be the subject of a succesfful shoot.  Do you think of puppies? Do you smile with your eyes? Do you see with your mouth?

Toby says:

HOT, Kelsey! Haha!!

I’m scheduling a shoot for my band in the next couple of weeks. Let me know if you learn any more tricks to keeping it fresh!

Kent says:

Was it like the photo shoot on Austin Powers?

Larry says:

Hilarious. Just please don’t use any of those poses while you are running in the NYC marathon in November. You might cause a stampede. I am curious though — it seems odd that there isn’t an accompanying video. Or is Miss Jay saving that for the WAIW Reality show on Bravo? Just asking.

Jenn says:

Oh my gosh, I love those pictures of you dancing. We must make sure to pass those out to all of Harper’s friends when she’s 16!

Dan says:

There is a video. Actually a couple. However those will be saved for a very special day.

-Miss Jay

Matt Barhorst says:

I’m embarrassed to call you a friend.

Kelsey says:

Toby – I think it’s important for bands to not look too “We don’t give a F#$k!” That and no hugging.

Kent – Arghh! baby. Yeah!

Larry – I think Miss Jay has plenty of footage to blackmail me. Don’t worry about the marathon stampede. I crawl much more gracefully.

Jenn – We’ve already started a fund for Harper’s therapy.

Miss Jay – You’re such a bitch!

Matt – Yes, I will teach you how to dance and look incredibly studly while doing it. Although, you have a funny way of asking.

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