iPod contest update

Okay, so I should have announced a winner last Thursday. What do you want to hear?

1. I should pay attention to my own contest rules and forgot that Thursday was the deadline.
2. There were so many great entries that it’s taking awhile and I had to enlist some assistance choosing who should win.
3. I was busy on Thursday and went to the zoo on Friday.

Actually, I’m going to plead all of the above.

I’ll announce the winners soon enough. Look, I should just keep the iPod for myself, seeing how the day this contest was conceived coincided with the washing and drying of my own iPod. My iPod is clean, but that’s about it.

Random thought: has anyone ever skipped an iPod like a stone. I bet those puppies go forever. If it weren’t for the whole littering bit, I’d give it a try.

Random thought 2: Who wants to join me in a business venture that commercially produces skipping rocks?

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