And the winner of the iPod is…


Chuck wrote the song “Albino Sasquatch” (a great name for a band) which had the judges – Dan at Rule29, Larry, at Wiley, and me – rolling. I’ll send out emails to the runners up in the near future so they can choose from the other prizes: ARC of WAIW, Moju Project T-shirt, or writerly advice.

Without further ado…ALIBINO SASQUATCH

Kelsey is dancing to an autobiographical song that he wrote himself. Kelsey wrote the lyrics and Elton provided the melody. He plays it whenever he goes to a new place. It’s his way of introducing himself to the people.

I am the Albino Sasquatch
I’ve roamed all around this land
Be not afraid! I am friendly
Come shake my furry hand

I’ve been spotted down in Florida,
But Skunk Ape I am not
I hide my fur in a wetsuit
And hang out on a yacht

I was banned from my Yeti village
The peaceful land of my birth
Because my uncle caught me
Fondling Mrs. Butterworth

I used to be a Blackhawk,
But then my skin turned red
So I hung out in Cambodia
Until it was time to wed

Now I make my living writing books
And educating you as a voter
Just wait until the movie of my life
I’m played by Ricky Schroder!

My fur is covered by ugly shirts
So that I fit in to society
Buy my book so I can get some more
As you can see I need more variety

Please read the labels on your clothes
Don’t buy just ‘cause they’re pretty
I decided to run a marathon
So I can be just like P. Diddy

I am the Albino Sasquatch
But Harper just knows me as Dad
This song I wrote about myself
Because my dancing is so bad

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Toby says:

When do we get to hear the song? MP3???

Kelsey says:

I asked Chuck what tune the song should be sung to and she (yes, Chuck is a she) said that it was more of a rap.

Unfortunately, I don’t do rap. Otherwise I would have recorded a 3 minute video of me singing a sweet melodious version of “Albino Sasquatch.”

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