Interviewed by Budget Travel

JD Rinner at Budget Travel recently interviewed me.  I need to take the photo of me in Honduras off the photo page I send to media folks.  They always choose that one. When I use the photo in presentations I accompany it with, “Come on. Would you let that joker into your factory. The fro…the T-shirt… Really?”

The cool thing about the interview is that they asked some travel related questions I haven’t been asked.  Have a sample:

Q: What’s your best tip for travelers going to foreign countries—like really foreign countries?

A: Trust someone you meet, but be weary of anyone who approaches offering help.

Q: How do you make sure you’re experiencing a place as a local would?

A: That’s easy. Experience a place with a local by your side. Make friends. Go to the local university and just start chatting up students. They’re usually pretty open to talking with a foreigner.

And play. I always travel with a Frisbee. I’m like the international ambassador for Ultimate Frisbee. Nothing bridges the language gap like the universal language of play. Some of the best local friends that I’ve made are the result of games of cricket, soccer, and baseball.

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