Random dad thoughts

1) Swaddle = Enhanced Sleep Aid.

Sure, at a certain point it is probably illegal, but what’s so illegal about mom, dad, and baby getting a full night of sleep?  Does anyone know when the illegal point is?  Harper is busting out of her — velcro enhanced — swaddle already and starting to not sleep all night.

2) When your kid cries and you are the cause of the tears it really doesn “hurts me more than it hurts you.”

I always thought my parents were making that crap up. Last night I plopped down in my recliner while holding Harper.  Her head bumped into my collar bone and she started screaming. It hurt me bad.

3) Seeing your favorite childhood stuffed animal — in my case Garfield — sleeping next to your baby daughter may cause smiling, crying, or both.

Jenn says:

The swaddle thing freaks me out! I can’t sleep in a mummy sleeping bag–I’m way too claustrophobic for that. But EVERYONE we know with a baby swears by swaddling…

Kelsey says:

It’s not so much swearing by swaddling as swearing by getting sleep.

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