You know that you've made it when…

…you are a local cake judge. That’s what I am today at Kennedy Library in Muncie.

I’m one of the judges in the libraries annual Edible Books Festival:

Entirely edible creations should feature books, a literary theme, stories, authors and/or characters. That’s right, all entries must be created of edible materials. Cakes, pies, vegetables, nuts, bread, popcorn, juices, candy and other food stuffs are great. Just make sure it doesn’t melt or get yucky before the Festival is over at 4 p.m.

This should be fun. Unfortunately, because of health code stuff, there will be no eating of the cakes. So I’ll be judging books that can’t be read and cakes that can’t be eaten.

Last night Annie made an Edible Book based on Where Am I Wearing?. (I guess you could also refer to them as Edible underwear if you are into that kind of thing.) Now before you criticize me for having Annie make the cake, you should know that I helped.

I licked out the bowl.

Edible Underwear

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Melissa says:

Awesome! I’ll know I’ve made it when someone makes a cake out of one of my articles.

Kyle–Sorry I put super-hero insignias on your birthday cakes and not the TLR4/NFkB pathway.

Jenn says:

You don’t get to eat the cakes? That’s just wrong! Annie’s cake looks great.

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