Sunday Tid bits

An interview with me appeared in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh Post this past Friday.

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The article mentions that a local bookstore will be carrying the paperback version of WAIW? in April. That’s news to me. I haven’t heard either if or when WAIW? will be out in paperback. I hope it’s right. If a hardcover doesn’t sell well, they won’t release it in paperback. So, the release of WAIW? in paperback will be a confirmation that Wiley is happy with it. Plus, $25 is just too much to pay for a book, even mine. Unfortunately, a lot of bookstores are selling books at their cover price. The paperback will probably be priced at around $16.

Speaking of types of books….

I got an Amazon Kindle for my birthday! Although it won’t be in until March – bummer. Why I’m excited:

– No more scouring a foreign city for an English language book that doesn’t suck. I can just download one through my computer and upload it to my Kindle no matter where in the world I am.

– You can have the NY Times sent to your Kindle daily for less than $25. I’ll be able to sit in my recliner and read the day’s news instead of sitting at my computer.

– I can search Wikipedia for free.

Yes, I’m excited. Yes, I’m impatient. I want my Kindle now!

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Matt Barhorst says:

I hope you have the Kindle 2 on order and not the original, they ship Feb 24th.

Kelsey says:

Apparently anyone that had an order in for the original Kindle and hadn’t received it yet will get a Kindle 2. My birthday gift just got cooler.

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