NY Times' Kristof buys two girls for $353 in Cambodia

A few years back Nicholas Kristof bought two prostitutes from their pimp for $353. She actually gave him a receipt as proof that they were now his property. He owned them and returned them to their villages.

Today Kristof updates us on the two girls progress, and advises that the best way to end sex slavery is to think like a brothel owner:

Sexual slavery is like any other business: raise the operating costs, create a risk of jail, and the human traffickers will quite sensibly shift to some other trade.

Make sure you watch the video embedded in the piece, too.

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Linnea says:

Hi there,

Great post, could you post the link to the article? Would like to read more.

Thanks! Amazing blog/book idea by the way. You should check out ‘The China Price’ by Alexandra Harney.


Kelsey says:


Oops, sorry I didn’t include the link. I just corrected the omission. Definitely checkout the audio slideshow accompanying the piece. Thanks for the book recommendation.

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