The competition to sell the world’s poor laptops continues

I first wrote about the $100 Laptop project in November of 2006. It turns out the non-profit that introduced the project is getting serious, if not below-the-belt, competition from INTEL. There are billions of poor people out there that can’t afford a laptop and those staggering numbers could lead to big profit. What started as a warm and fuzzy project is turning into a bitter business battle. You can read about some of the ugliness in the Wall Street Journal.

My 11/06 post on the $100 Laptop –

Imagine walking into a village. Africa, Central America, it doesn’t matter just as long as it’s remote.

You probably got there by following some pot-holed dirt road. You saw a car, but it was broken…

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Something I learned the hard way…

When you buy a house and it is accessed by the county for $8,000 more than you paid for it, your response should not be, “Sweet we got a great deal!” But instead, “Crap, our taxes are going to go way up.”

Now, in order to make up for what we owe from 2007 and to continue to pay in 2008, we owe an additional monthly amount nearly equal to the monthly salary of a hardworking Chinese flip-flop maker….

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The Maple Mammary recount

The people have spoken. Their outrage has been voiced. They couldn’t believe that Mrs. Butterworth’s Boobs was relegated to the 5th slot on the most viewed pages of WAIW? in 2007. They were mad as hell and they weren’t going to take it anymore, so I recounted.

Mrs. Butterworth’s Boobs received the second-most visitors on any single day in 2007 (409). The most visitors in a single day were on The Adventure Begins post (598).

Whatever it’s worth, I’m naming the Mrs. B’s Boobs post the WAIW? Reader’s Choice Post of the year….

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My brother, and soon-to-be Mrs. Malaria Boy

My brother, Kyle, is getting married in March. He seems real happy. If you don’t believe me check out his wedding’s website (at which they’ve yet to link to WAIW? – the nerve).

I’m happy for him, but in the interest of keeping him even-keeled, I thought I would bring him back down to earth with two columns I wrote that feature him. I’ll post one now and one later on in the week.

(Jenn, I think you know what you are getting by now, but please read carefully. Don’t let the PhD fool you.)

Have Malaria, Will Travel

By Kelsey Timmerman

We are on drugs and invincible…so we think.

“Dude, know what’s cool?” My brother Kyle is sitting in a metal school chair thumbing through our Honduras guidebook….

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WAIW? Christmas inventory contest update

If you haven’t entered the Where am I Wearing? Christmas Inventory Contest of Destiny, you better hurry. I’ve decided to extend the deadline until next Tuesday the 8th to give you all a little more time to enter. If you don’t, I will track you down and steal your gifts Grinch-style. Seriously, I’ve purchased a sleigh and I’ve got a little dog ready to pull it to your house. I’m a mean one, indeed.

Jenn just logged 23 items on her inventory and has made a strong case for the The You are a Spoiled Brat, You Should Feel Guilty Award. Can anyone top her?

The Where the Heck is that Award is still wide-open. Everything seems to be made in China, who knew?…

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