WAIW? Christmas inventory contest update

If you haven’t entered the Where am I Wearing? Christmas Inventory Contest of Destiny, you better hurry. I’ve decided to extend the deadline until next Tuesday the 8th to give you all a little more time to enter. If you don’t, I will track you down and steal your gifts Grinch-style. Seriously, I’ve purchased a sleigh and I’ve got a little dog ready to pull it to your house. I’m a mean one, indeed.

Jenn just logged 23 items on her inventory and has made a strong case for the The You are a Spoiled Brat, You Should Feel Guilty Award. Can anyone top her?

The Where the Heck is that Award is still wide-open. Everything seems to be made in China, who knew?

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Jenn says:

Is it all right to feel loved at the same time I’m feeling guilty?

Kyle Timmerman says:

How did I know that you were going to win this one? Kels, I’ll send mine in shortly.

Kelsey says:

Jenn, whatever helps you sleep at night.

Kyle, I’ve got my eye on your gifts first.

Kent says:

I baught myself a nice linen jacket from Urban Outfiters. At first glance, it looks like it has Bangladesh written all over it. I was surprised when the lable said China.

Kelsey says:

Kent, China is really taking over the apparel game. They’ve had the cheap plastic toy market for sometime, but once the USA lifted the Multi-Fibre Agreement, which put limits on how much of certain types of garment could come from China, they are now dominating apparel. This has countries like Bangladesh and Cambodia quaking in their Made in China flip-flops. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Jenn (the real one) says:

Kels, is it possible that you’re posting things under my name instead of your own? At first I thought it was another person named Jenn…but on your previous post (“2007”) there’s a comment that sure sounds like it’s coming from Kelsey, but it says it’s from Jenn. Or maybe I’m just posting things in my sleep…

Kelsey (the fake Jenn) says:

Jenn, Sorry about that. I posted your inventory in the contest’s thread under your name and my computer now thinks I’m you.


I just wanted to be you for a little while. It was nice.

Eva says:

Dang, the imminent deadline was my only hope of winning this thing!

Kelsey (the fake Jenn) says:

Eva, don’t despair. Maybe I’ll decide to make an anti-You’re a spoiled brat, you should feel guilty award. With only a single pair of gloves for Xmas, you’d be a shoe-in.

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