Dalton, a natural politician

Dalton Zahir is a prominent figure in the Bangladesh chapter in WAIW?. He’s the reason why I became an unwilling undercover underwear buyer. Dalton is now getting into politics, which suits him perfect. He’s a natural schmooze.

Dalton for world leader

He announced on his blog that he is a candidate in the 2008 Parliamentary Election for the position of Secretary of International Affairs.

I have no doubt that soon he will rule all of Bangladesh with his just hand, and, shortly after that…the World.

The best I can tell, his campaign motto is “We want Democracy, not plutocracy” which seems like one I could get behind. (Plutocracy is rule by the wealthy; I looked it up so you didn’t have to.) Kind of a “Change” message really, isn’t it.

I think that his campaign icon might be a fish.

Here he is healing the sick…

Dalton for ruler of the world

I’d vote for him!

Lynne says:

Awesome! Go Dalton!!

dalton says:

thanks kelsey , very happy to see your post.


Aziz says:

i visit this site , it is very nice to see and have lots of info. thanks kelesy .
and also i know mr. dalton also thanks to Dalton .

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