WAIW? Now Hiring

President-elect Obama isn’t the only one making selections these days. I’ve recently made my first as a newly-appointed assistant author. (Note: Oreo is the head author. All appointments are made with her approval.)

Today, I would like to announce the selection of long-time WAIW? reader and real-life friend, Melissa, to the position of WAIW? Special Ambassador to Purdue University.

Basically, I asked Melissa if she knew anyone at Purdue that would be interested in doing an author’s event or two. And apparently she knows everyone at Purdue. So – with Oreo’s permission – I brought her on board.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to be a WAIW? Special Ambassador? All you need to do is setup an event with a university, organization, book club, or anyone else that wants to talk about the people that make our clothes. And then just let me know when and where to be and how I can get there. It’s that easy. If you think you live too faraway and that I would never be able to go wherever it is you are, keep in mind that I went to Bangladesh because my underwear was made there.

Annual pay (Choose One)

One cold beer and a specially written toast to your health

A box of your favorite wine

A really fancy caffeinated drink of some sort


Spreading the word about the people that make our clothes and advancing this important discussion

Health Insurance – 100% coverage of all third nipples, and extra appendages or digits; 0% of anything that isn’t extra

But seriously, if you think you can get something together in your area, email me (kelsey@travelin-light.com); let’s make it happen.

Lynne says:

I nominate Matt as one of your ambassadors! Can’t wait to see what kind of venues he would come up with!!!

Kelsey says:

Matt could definitely use the third nipple coverage.

Matt Barhorst says:

I’m fairly certain that strippers are interested in globalization. And they always have cash. And aren’t you interested in where g-strings are made? Or tassles? That could be a book in itself, and would be a lot more fun to research.

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