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As a member of the ONE Campaign to end poverty, I received a pretty awesome email today from space.

Dear ONE Member,

My name is Lt. Colonel Shane Kimbrough and I am on the International Space Station orbiting 200 miles above the earth.
During the 90 minutes it takes us to circle the earth, we do not see borders or boundaries. From up here, the task of solving the world’s biggest problems seems less daunting. But when our shuttle lands next Sunday, we will return to a world where border disputes and financial crises lead the nightly news. Those challenges define our world and their solutions will define our future.

A few years back when I attended a local writer’s conference, a small publisher that was in attendance encouraged attendee’s to make a business plan for their writing career. One of the questions we were to answer was, “What is the highest good that this business (your writing) can achieve?”

Here’s my answer:

Help expand the worldview of readers and inspire them to set out on their own travels and seek their own adventures. Have a positive impact on the less fortunate people I write about. Bring awareness and shed light on situations and processes that are socially difficult, so that readers actively help alleviate problems.

I’ve never been to space, but I think the Lt. Colonel and I share the same worldview.

Learn more about ONE and Shane Kimbrough

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Nomadic Matt says:

big supporter of the One campaign. glad to see you are too!

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