It’s (probably) a girl!

We recently learned that it (as in our fetus) is probably a girl. The lady doing the ultra-sound said that she would put the probability of it being a girl at 80%. As long as it’s one or the other, I’m happy.

I’m in trouble. Just what I need, another girl in the house (Annie + the Cat + Princess Timmerman = 3 of them and 1 of me). I’m not in trouble in the sense that I’m going to have another female walking all over me and bossing me around – Oreo is the only one that does that – but because I’m not sure how much complete adoration for others in a single house one fella can muster before imploding into a tulip.

I had a dream a few months ago that the baby had Annie’s eyes. I woke up and coughed up a petal. When we first heard her heartbeat I almost cried – a self-watering tulip.

So many people have told us to wait; that it’s exciting to wait. But Annie wanted to know and I wanted to know. The sooner I knew the sooner I could start (directing all of my failed hopes and dreams onto another) focusing all of my emotion into this little thing growing in Annie’s tummy.

Everything I do right now, I think about what it’s going to be like to do with her. I can’t wait to…

…take her on a picnic
…roll with laughter on the living room floor as we sing a duo on SingStar
…read the Chronicles of Narnia to her
…do activities out of the Dangerous Book for Girls and (what the heck) the Dangerous Book for Boys
…teach her how to swim

The list goes on. I’m sure I’ll think of new things tomorrow.

Only four months more to go and I’ll get to hold my new best friend. She’ll be a sweet little girl. I’ll be the tulip in the palm of her little hand.

Eva says:

Kelsey, this post made me well up a little.

It also made me want to advise you to save this, and re-read it to yourself repeatedly on Timmerman Jr’s 16th birthday… 😀

Kelsey says:

Thanks Eva. By then I’m sure that it will embarrass her and make me cry.

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