Is the Paul McCarthy that designed my book cover this Paul McCarthy???

GENEVA (AFP) — A giant inflatable dog turd by American artist Paul McCarthy blew away from an exhibition in the garden of a Swiss museum, bringing down a power line and breaking a greenhouse window before it landed again, the museum said Monday.

The same Paul McCarthy whose Wikipedia page has one picture on it – this picture?

I can’t say for sure that it isn’t that Paul McCarthy, but I doubt it, seeing that my book cover is devoid of inflatable dog turds and Santa Clauses holding sex toys.

(Thanks Karly, for posing the question.)

ouvriers cd says:

Responsibles of the Hanes brands,
The comitee of workers of CD Apparel, at building #31, parc industrial (sonapi) HAITI joins their lawer, Jorice Oremil to greet the differences national organization and international for their help and to their enterprise fight by the said workers realize to damages.
Note that the boss of CD Apparel Frantz Pilorge came in Haiti after some meetings with the leaders responsible of Hanes and he has made the workers know that the bosses of Hanes,such as : Richard noll, Gerald evens,Micheal Jordand ………
Are vampires who don’t cease to exploit the workers around the word.
Speaking of Haiti he make understand that the Haitians workers are victims of racial discrimination. This enterprise “CD Apparel” has been congratulated by the same leaders for its efficiency and it’s products without any others .
The Haitians bosses put themselves to the bosses of Hanes side to exploit more the poor Haitian workers .
Lots of companies around the wold have been compensated with discussion such as:
Dominican Republic :3millions dollars us
Porto-Rico =$18.000000 US
Mexico :=$ 27.000000US
Canada : big millions
USA : big millions
And Haitians workers suffer until now and the workers of this company are left to their own devices.
These workers can’t send their children to school , pay the rent not to say sanitary cares about fity thousand (50000) workers arrange themselves already for a strike which aims at two objectives:
1-Ask Hanes Brands to compensate the workers of CD Apparel
2-Ask the Haitian parliamentaries to note the law on minimum wage.
We, workers of the cd apparel let us learn that some bosses of the company Hanes Brands such as: Richard Noll, Gerard Evens, Jorge Oliva from WRAP and others ally themselves with the haitians employers to know: the Bakers, the Apaids, and Richard Coles to prevent to the employees of CD Apparel to obtain their damages and repairs as Hanes does it always for the others plants.For your information, we say that :
Haitian government for the coming days will arrest certain other bosses for corruption and contreband , after the brandt , the Boulos , it will be the Baker’s and Richard Coles, the Apaid’s , Madsen, Acra, Meuz turn . This is the reason we want to ask the persons in charge of hanes to divorce with these employers in order not to to be considered as accomplice in the file of the workers of cd apparel because the state haitian [René Preval] will follow: authors and accomplices in this so national one as international file if hanes refuses, she will be considered as social danger for all the workers of the entire world.
We are waiting fo Hanes investigation in Haiti to release this crisis.
We write the American congress to take action to close the Hanes enterprises.
The workers of CD Apparel have been waiting and expecting that the leaders of Hanes will not shut the door in their face and will satisfy the workes

Let your voice be heard!