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Notice I wrote to the DNC, not into the DNC. See, I don’t have tickets. I’ll be one of tens of thousands trekking to Denver ticketless to be in the noise.

I probably won’t be posting a lot here, but you can follow me on Twitter.

Why would anyone travel 1,000 miles from Indiana to do such a thing?

Personally, I think it will make for an interesting story. I’ve gone a heck of a lot farther in pursuit of interesting stories. This blog for instance.

I tried to get a press pass, but I was about 5 months too late. Here’s how I described it to Jared, traveling partner for the next week and – for our purposes here – a very experienced photojournalist:

I called the DNC. They pretty much laughed at me when I asked for access to the convention/speech. Apparently, they think they are dealing with two jokers trying to pass themselves off as actual journalists. Jackasses. I told them that I was converting to Republicanism.

Chances are that we’ll just end of tailgating ala Jimmy Buffett concert.

I do have a couple of assignments, but I doubt I land an interview with the candidate or, for that matter, anyone not painting faces or selling hot dogs. The story I get will probably be titled something like “The Inside Story Outside the Convention.”

If you happen to be someone visiting this blog to check my credentials: How dare you question them! I am a very serious journalist who has written on such important issues as farting on airplanes and disposable underwear. I have a very loyal blog following of highly intelligent, very witty (so witty that you probably wouldn’t get them) individuals.

(Note to such individuals: leave lots of comments under multiple aliases. Make them full of wit and intelligence.)

See you on Twitter.

Sphen Inkter says:

The political process must be embraced by the masses so that apathetic endurerers of the political process will cease to endure and rise to stand for what is right and good and the American way and truth and justice for all.

I enjoy what you guys are usually up too. This type of clever work and reporting!
Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve added you guys to blogroll.

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