The Earth moving under my feet

Annie and I, along with many others across the Midwest, experienced our first earthquake this morning. We were asleep when our bed started to shake.

“Was that an earthquake?” Annie turned to me and asked.


We both went back to sleep.

If you are wondering what an earthquake is like in Indiana. It’s kind of like this:

As opposed to one in California, which, I imagine, is more like this:

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Melissa says:

Ha ha! After now experiencing both, I would have to say that is an apt comparison.

I actually thought I was having some dream about being back in CA, but this earthquake was different. It was side to side (mild rolling?) as opposed to rolling or dropping (Californians describing earthquakes are like Inuits describing snow….).

Kelsey says:

Everything in the Midwest is done in moderation…even our earthquakes.

Lynne says:

First of all, thanks for the C.K. music. I’m searching for my “Tapestry” cd right now.

I experienced the earthquake @ 5:38 and called hubby right away. His immediate response was that I was having another one of those crazy, vivid dreams that I have. Kels, he would have questioned you also. That’s the kind of info he would accept without question only from Kyle. What’s with that?!??

Kyle Timmerman says:

Well, I am a doctor. . . .

Lynne says:

Yeah, but what about when you were 12?

Jenn says:

Lynne, if you can’t find your “Tapestry” CD you can borrow my mom’s.

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