Bibi Russell on the World Vision Report

The World Vision Report aired my interview with model/designer/saint/UN Ambassador Bibi Russell. They mixed the interview with some Bangladeshi music and I think it turned out quite good. Especially, since it’s my first ever recorded piece to air.

World Vision Report
Listen to it now.

Bibi plays an important part in my book. Here’s how the chapter she’s featured in starts out:

“Now is a good time,” Bibi said. “The electricity is out.”

I have never interviewed a supermodel before or even talked to one, for that matter. I never expected that she would be there – up three flights of stairs off the chaotic streets of Dhaka sitting in the dark.

When she stood I almost said, “Boy, you sure are tall and skinny,” but I didn’t. I would say dumber things later.

“Do you smoke?” She asked in her elegant, full-bodied smoker’s voice.


“Good,” she said.

“But go ahead.” As if she needed my permission to smoke in her own office.

Me and Bibi

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