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Melissa says:

Where is Jenn leading him?

Looks like the nut doesn’t fall too far form the tree…Kyle can’t always spell “YMCA” either 😉

Wish I could have been there–oh, the joys of a grad student stipend! Thanks for putting up some pics, though!

Kent says:

Congratulations Kyle and Jenn

Kelsey says:

Melissa, I think Jenn is simply showing Kyle how her butt looks in her wedding dress. Speaking of bums…I was bummed to hear that you wouldn’t be attending. Get yourself a sugardaddy already, would ya. You can’t be in grad school forever. Kyle tried, but even for him, it wasn’t possible. Soon you’ll be Dr. Money Lady jet-setting around the globe to celebrate the most minor of your friends milestones.

Kyle Timmerman says:

Kent- Thanks!

Melissa- For your information, I practiced before the wedding and nailed the YMCA.

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