At war with China…

…and the chapter on China is winning. I’m on day two of pounding my head into my desk.

My mantra: Keep it simple stupid.

But that darn country is so complex!

Wish me luck.

Kyle Timmerman says:

I’m sending you positive vibes, Kels.

Rachael says:

how about a whole chapter of statements that contradict themselves one after the other?

Kelsey says:

Kyle thanks for the vibes. I think they are helping.

Rachael,I guess I always thought that profiting of the toil of others was more of a capitalist principle. China shoots this theory out of the water.

Jessica says:

Ha! Let us know when you get China figured out…we certainly haven’t yet.

Kelsey says:

China will bow before my keyboard!

I’m doing my best to avoid rash generalizations. If only I could find someone that lived in China that could check it for any Chinianaccuracies…

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