Winners of the The First Annual Where Are YOU Wearing Christmas Inventory Contest of Destiny

The You are a Spoiled Brat, You Should Feel Guilty Award goes to…

Jenn for her impressive list consisting of 23 items made in only 6 countries:

Green Abercrombie shirt – Made in Vietnam
Gray & White Gap shirt – Made in Sri Lanka
Gray AE hat – Made in China
Santa Claus socks – Made in Taiwan
UTMB sweatshirt – Made in Honduras
Blue snowman pajama pants from Gap – Made in Indonesia
Blue cashmere gloves – Made in China
Blue cashmere scarf – Made in China
Snowman slippers – Made in Taiwan
Purple pajama pants – Made in Indonesia
Pink corduroy jacket – Made in China
Life Is Good sweatshirt – Made in China
Green and white sleep socks – Made in ? (no tag)
3 pairs trouser socks (white, black, and tan) – Made in China
3 pairs “casual” socks (black patterns) – Made in China
Pink slippers – Made in China
Suede gloves – Made in China
Warming scarf – Made in China
Striped pajama pants – Made in China

And the You are NOT a Spoiled Brat, You Should NOT Feel Guilty Award (yeah, I just made this one up, but I felt sorry for her and she’s never won something around her before)…

Eva, who wasn’t very good this year and/or is a nudist with bad circulation in her fingers only received 1 pair leather/fleece-lined gloves – Made in China

Congratulations ladies. Go Here to pick out your prize and email your choice along with the address to which you want it sent to

Thanks for playing.

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Melissa says:

Geez, Kyle–this is what you got Jenn? An UTMB sweatshirt? Oh well, one of my gifts was gravy boats….it was very exciting to open.

Jenn says:

Hey, Kyle got me the first FIVE things on the list. As I learned from Michael Scott, “presents are how you show people you love them” (or something to that effect). Based on Christmas, I think Kyle loves me. And now I really do sound like a spoiled brat!

Kyle Timmerman says:

I more than made up for the lameness of buying Jenn a UTMB sweatshirt with the Santa socks! How are the gravy boats treating you? Ah, crap! The code to prove my human-ness contains almost all “0’s” and “O’s”! This message may never post!

Kelsey says:

Melissa, you know how it is. When you are in college you can always buy some school apparel to give as, what I like to call, “cop out gifts.” It just so happens that Kyle has been in school for over a decade. I have stuff from Miami U, Purdue, and now UTMB.

Congrats on the gravy boats.

Melissa says:

True, at least Jenn can wear the sweatshirt, whereas I have to make gravy to use my boats…although, I have been thinking about putting things like M&M’s in them at get-togethers so that people have to poor them out instead of sticking their grubby paws in a dish and touching all the other M&Ms.

And, BTW, I hate the “o” and “0” confusion…

Kelsey says:

They are always zeros. I think…

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