10 things that I've done that you probably haven't

The blog I read the most is science fiction writer John Scalzi’s Whatever. Yesterday he posted 10 things that I’ve done that you probably haven’t. At first I thought this would be an exercise in one-ups-manship, but it’s more of a revelation of how unique, coincidental, and just plain stupid our individual lives are.

Here’s my list.

10 things that I’ve done that you probably haven’t

1. Been sprayed by a skunk
2. Watched David Blaine take a leak
3. stuck a sweater defuzzer on my tongue
4. held my breath and dove to 100’ beneath the Atlantic Ocean
5. Spent the night in Dracula’s Castle
6. been molested by a drag queen
7. touched a shark
8. melted a penny in flowing lava
9. been zorbing
10. taken 19 kids and one old man into a Bangladeshi amusement park for $67

How about you?

Teresa says:

Funny – I remember the skunk and the defuzzer like it was yesterday. Never dreamed I would read about it 11 years later!

Kelsey says:

It was so nice of classmates to point out the tomato juice stuck in my ear while laughing behind my back.

Hopefully years of therapy will erase all of the laughing at me in Biology.

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