From maple mammaries to your underwear: The Top ten posts of 2007

WAIW? sprung to life in March. Since then I’ve written 323 posts and over 62,000 words.

The top ten most-viewed “Where am I Wearing?” posts of 2007:

1. The Underwear Wall of Fame

2. My All American Cambodian Blue Jeans

3. The Adventure begins

4. Happy Birthday Garfield

5. Mrs. Butterworth’s Boobs

6. Synergy Barbie

7. The Kings of Fantasy Kingdom

8. Where am I Wearing? The ultimate slideshow

9. Shoes: because going barefoot sucks

10. Can plumpy nut end world hunger?

Kent says:

Mrs. Butterworth should have done better than five!

Kelsey says:

That was my favorite post of the year, but I went strictly by the stats. Although, I suppose the other pages were up longer and had more time to accumulate numbers. I bet Mrs. B’s boobs win in the long run.

Kyle Timmerman says:

You should do a hits-per-days-posted ratio, Kels. Like Ken, I think that Mrs. B should have done much better.

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