Tourons! Win a year of National Geographic Traveler

Apparently it’s time for me to renew by subscription of National Geographic Traveler. I received an offer in the mail that if I renew I can give a free subscription to someone else.

You could be that someone else!


Give me your best you might be a “You might be a Touron if…” Go here for examples. Whoever makes me think or giggle the most gets the subscription.

Off the top of my head, here’s a few that I could use from my time in Bangladesh:

If you aren’t allowed to stay in Dhaka’s “Hotel Tourist” because you are a tourist, you might be a touron

If you’ve ever paid $1,200 for a plane ticket to visit the factory that made your underwear, you might be a touron.

About NG Traveler:

I don’t wait by the mailbox each month for the latest NGT issue, but I feel obligated to renew in order to keep the pulse of the travel world. I would like to see more meat in each issue. Sometimes I have trouble telling if I’m reading a story or an advertorial (an advertisement written in the form of an objective opinion editorial, and presented in a printed publication). Advertorials piss me off, they take up the space that a genuine objective story that isn’t trying to sell me something might fill. I like content written by writers not advertisers. Also, like all other travel mags, NGT feels the need to always tell me about the 10, 27, or 123, places I have to _____. Apparently, research shows that consumers love such lists. I hate them. I suppose if someone paid me enough I would write them one (I can be bought), but I wouldn’t be happy about it on the inside.

With all that being said, I would love to contribute something to the magazine. They are one of the industry’s heavy hitters. Plus, as with all National Geographic pubs, the photos are awesome, and sometimes it’s nice to read an entire magazine without having to read actual words.

So, I’m renewing for the reasonable price of $17.95.

Kelsey says:

There’s nothing more pathetic than a blog contest that no one enters.

You’re a loser Kelsey.



Rachael says:

I nver win anything, but my chances are high in this one…..though I’mprobalby disqualified due to location;-)

You might be a touron if you drag eight kids and a grandpa all the way round the world from New Zealand through China, Mongolia, Russia, The UK…….and know you have nine more months to fill in but haven’t decided where to go when you leave home. You definitely are closer to being a touron when you consider doing it in a slightly-environmentally-friendly-way taking only one flight on an aeroplane.

You don’t have to make me win….even if no-one else enters…I’m pretty good at being a loser;-)

Kelsey says:


You my friend are a rare breed of touron. The kind that thrives on self-deprecation. We’ll give the contest a few more days, but I think your chances are pretty good seeing how you are the one and only entry. If you win, the subscription isn’t a possibility because the NGT offer is only good in the USA (their rules not mine). But instead, I could hook you up with the latest in Where am I wearing? apparel. Just one shirt, though, I couldn’t afford to put your whole family in t-shirts. I would go broke!

Kent says:

You might be a touron if… You try to imitate the local accent while passing through West Virginia.

Kelsey says:

Kent, You were lucky to get out alive!

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