The BBC, pirates, and climate change

The BBC is working on an extensive feature in Bangladesh. They will be traveling the country’s waterways to observe and debate climate change. Low-lying Bangladesh is seriously threatened by sea level rise.

Been there. Done that. Posted it on YouTube.

I took a similar trip aboard the “Ostrich,” a paddle boat when I was in Bangladesh. I’ve yet to write much about it, which is a reminder that I’ve got loads of material that deserves my attention. Anyhow, what most surprised me in the introduction of the feature was this passage:

The risk of attack from pirates is slight, but it is real.

I had no idea there were pirate attacks. I’m not questioning the BBC reports on this (although, I do question their account of a couple along the river kissing under a tree – that just doesn’t happen in Bangladesh), but I do have to question my own ignorance. There I was touching my inner Twain when I should have been touching my inner Peter Pan.

I’ll follow the series with interest. And though I don’t wish a pirate attack on anyone, it would add some flavor to story: global warming…blah…blah…sea level rise…blah…blah…erosion…blah…blah…PIRATES!!!!!

Repon says:

Good way of presenting the journey in Bangladesh

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