One Wedding, One Honeymoon, One pair of shorts

Saturday Annie and I tie the knot in my parents’ backyard in front of 300 family and friends.

On Sunday the quest/honeymoon continues. It’s kind of like the two threads of my life will be pulled together. There’s the travel-around-the-globe-chasing-my-clothes thread and there’s the Annie-girlfriend-fiance-wife thread.

First we’re heading to Put-in-Bay, the Key West of the North, and then we’re off to Perry, New York, home of the Grand Canyon of the East. (You always have to question the legitimacy of a destination when the locals sell it as a more accessible, less touristy version of an actual destination.) And then were off to Niagara Falls, which I like to refer to as the Victoria Falls of North America.

Perry is where my all-time favorite item of clothing, 1992 Dream Team basketball shorts, was made. I’ve been in touch with a factory that custom makes sports uniforms. Many of its employees worked for Champion back in the day when there was an American Apparel industry and I hope to meet some that may have made my shorts. Everyone I’ve talked to in Perry seems nice and very small townish, which means they’re our kind of people. The local newspaper even wants to do a story on us.

Yeah, this doesn’t sound terribly romantic, but I hope to dedicate only part of one day to tracking down my shorts and the people who made them. Annie is cool with it. Plus, how many people get to write-off their honeymoons? Granted, if I spend much more than part of one day, Annie might start thumping on me.

I’m really looking forward to the trip – a chance to decompress following all of the wedding madness. We don’t have much of a plan, only to go with the flow of our road trip and get used to being the Timmermans.

I won’t be posting daily (because the whole Annie thumping me thing), but I’m sure I’ll still get in a post here and there when she’s not looking or when she’s in the shower. I might even get a pic or two up from the wedding.

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Kent says:

Congratulations Kels and Anne.
Have fun on the trip. Even if it is in Perry.

Kelsey says:

Dude, you’re not helping me here.

Thanks anyhow, Kent.

Phalline says:

Congratulations Kelsey & Annie! Enjoy the trip!

Janelle says:

Annie DOES NOT want her picture taken with the local Perry newspaper Kelsey!! She just told me and be careful b/c she could “thump” you for that too!! 🙂

Kelsey says:

What good is a sugar momma trophy wife if she won’t pose in a photo with you???? I’ll get her in the photo. I’ll chance a thumpin’.

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