Will write for orphans

Casa Guatemala

No, not that if I write I will be given orphans. But that I will write for the benefit of orphans, specifically this orphanage in Guatemala known as Casa Guatemala. Angie the director writes a letter in the best English that she can and then I try to polish it up a bit for her.

You can read the latest update/please-give-us-money letter below the cut.

July 2007

The children and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of Casa Guatemala. Your help supports their basic needs and their education. It fills their bellies and their minds. Your help gives them hope.
Our self-sustained orphan’s village touches the lives of 250 children. I’m pleased to report that your previous contributions have been put to good use.

We have internet! The world is at the tip of our children’s fingers. Now we need computer teachers for 2008.
We have light all of the time, thanks to the INVERSOR and a bank of batteries. Children are no longer scared to get up at night to make their way to the bathroom. They get up and turn on the light, and there is nothing to be afraid of. The best part is that they don’t wet the bed anymore!
The new medical clinic, consisting of two out-patient clinics, a pharmacy, a lab, an office, and a very spacious treatment area is nearly finished. Soon it will be ready to receive doctors and nurses who volunteer their precious time.

The clinic is already up and running with basic medical care services. Not only do we supply medical assistance to the children of Casa Guatemala, but we also reach out to the surrounding indigenous villages. With your assistance we can have a well-stocked pharmacy and a functioning laboratory in the very near future.

The Rio Dulce is a magical area with gorgeous sunsets over mountains captured in the reflection of our wide river. It’s a great place for retired medical professionals to bring their sailboats and drop anchor for awhile or, simply, come and stay with us and help run the clinic. Live in the jungle. Experience the culture. Help the children. I promise it will be an experience that will change you.

Children update:

Axel is in medical school. Meme is graduating high school in November and, if someone sponsors him, he will live his dream of going to college.
Four of our girls are studying at a junior high school in Petén. They are doing great. Each weekend they come home with very nice stories to tell.

By January 2008 Andrea, Claudia, Seyli, Rubi, Marlon, and Jaime will be finishing sixth grade and will be ready to attend an outside school. We are still looking for sponsors to help them and will need to find some in the next few months.

Once again, the rainy season is upon us. The roofs of our two volunteer houses are both full of holes and in need of repairs. We find the drier we keep the volunteers the happier they are. Many of our other buildings are in need of maintenance too.

Feeding, clothing, and sheltering the children are not cheap. The school supplies alone are mind boggling. But thanks to our great sponsors, we are able to do what we do best – loving, caring, and educating the children.

Together we are changing lives and making a difference. Any contribution, regardless of how small, goes along way. We hope this message finds you well. And we hope that you will continue to support the children.

You give them hope.

Looking forward to hear from you soon,



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