My Whafro

WhafroMy hair is about two weeks from being a full-blown whafro (whiteman’s afro).

Should I let it grow?

In a few days I will be home and you can bet that Annie probably has the clippers ready to cut the wild out of my Touron mop. It wouldn’t surprise me if the entire hair cutting station, complete with wood chair and sheet to catch the blonde curls, is staged.

Should I let her cut it?

Personally, I don’t care about the appearance of my hair. But I am always a little hesitant to let Annie cut it.

I have my reasons…

Bloody Ear

Note: If Annie doesn’t post a comment sufficiently stating why I should let her cut my hair, I’m not getting it cut. By the wedding in September it should be looking quite nice, especially with the family of sparrows that will be living in it by then.


kelsy i need know are you ok ? pls careful .

Kyle Timmerman says:

Dalton, provided that Annie remembers that Kels’ ears are under that bush of hair, he’ll be okay.

Kent says:

Whafro… great term!

Kelsey says:

Kent, I copyrighted the term so any time you use it please send me 50 cents. US cents!

Annie says:

It’s not a sheet, it’s a killer whale tablecloth. He even gets to sit in front of the TV. Who else makes a hair cut so much fun?

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