Where Kent is Wearing

Suntex Factory

All of our underwear comes from somewhere. This is where Kent’s came from.

Kent, aka Denzel, a member of WAIW’s Underwear Wall of Fame, sent me the address of the factory that his MADE IN CAMBODIA boxers originated. I tracked it down. That’s me in front of the Suntex factory.

The Suntex factory is on the outskirts of Phnom Penh near an infamous Killing Field. I went there on a scooter. It was hot and the road was a dusty, stinky mess. From the entrance, the factory looked big, more of a compound really.

I didn’t get a chance to meet any of the workers, but I can give you a rough idea what they are like from my other encounters.

– 90% of them are women
– Most of them between the ages of 20-27
– They left their home village to work in garments
– They average somewhere between $45-$80/month (pretty decent in Cambodia)
– They think I’m weird

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jv says:

Good detective work! (And they’re probably right on #5)

Kelsey says:


I couldn’t agree more. I’m sure I’ll never understand how weird I am until the day someone from Cambodia shows up at my house and wants to spend a day-in-the-life with me.

Kent says:

Thanks for the photo Kelsey. Now, I truly feel at one with my boxers.

Kelsey says:

I feel at one with your boxers too. Wait, that sounds really weird. Your welcome Denzel.

Melissa says:

Your boxers had an address?

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