Impure Thoughts on Angkor

The temples of Angkor are amazing, but there are a couple of things that could be done to ratchet up the temple’s appeal. Some suggestions:

– Flood it. Angkor is the best dive site in the world. If only there were 50 meters of water sitting on top of it. Swimming through the narrow corridors and hovering over the iconic spires would be unforgettable. Add marine life. WOW! What’s better than swimming through the Gallery of a Thousand Buddhas? Swimming through the gallery of a Thousand Buddhas with a shark!

I know this is a sacrilege. You might be thinking, “I don’t know how to SCUBA dive and I want to see Angkor.” Know this: I’m not thinking about you. If I owned Angkor and I was featured on an episode of Pimp My Temple, I would flood it. Sorry. But it’s my temple.

Okay, Okay, I don’t own the temple and flooding it is insane (I really need to do some diving. I’m having withdrawals.). So, try this next suggestion…

– Moat waterskiing. The moat is there already and it’s calm as glass. Just add a boat. I’d pay $20 for one pull around the moat. So it’s noisy and might cutback a little on the ancient-world feel Angkor has going for it. But so does the thousands of tourists with there clickety clackety cameras and the guides talking through their waist speakers. And not to mention the tuk-tuks, tour buses, electric cars, and cell phones (I text messaged someone today from a temple – sorry).

So diving Angkor might not be too practical. I do believe that Moat Waterskiing is the future, but don’t go thinking just because there are a few boats pulling skiers that someone should add jet-ski rentals.

Jet skis? At Angkor? Now that would just be wrong.

Kyle says:

Moat waterskiing, huh? I’m in.

Kent says:

so wrong… but so right! I’m in too

Lynne says:

You want to flood the place! What would you think of my suggestion of a McDonalds somewhere in the middle so one could get a large Diet Coke whenever they wanted?

Kelsey says:

If I’m allowed to flood it, I suppose you’re allowed to have a floating McDonald’s.

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