Contest: Show Me Your Underwear

My Undies

You’ve seen my underwear. Now show me yours.


Email me ( a photo similar to the one you see here or a link to a photo of you posing with your most loyal pair of skivvies. The one’s that have been with you through thick and thin, at home and on the road. The more holes and cartoons the better. Tell me why you love ‘em and, of course, where they were made.

I will post all of the photos and their related stories on the Underwear Wall of Fame.

Winners will be announced on March 20th and will receive this t-shirt or a genuine Bangladeshi souvenir hand-selected by yours truly.

Now, show me the undies!

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Irene says:

Good luck with your trip! And don’t worry about Jack. We’ll keep an eye on him here for you, till you get back.

I think your topic is fantastic and I’m following with enthusiasm.

Continuous fan,

Kelsey says:


I didn’t think about it until you reminded me. I missed 24 last night. Bummer. I miss Jack. Tell him I said “hi” and that he should “hang in there.”

Paul McCoen of the clan McCoen says:

Thoughts going through my head, as the photo was being taken “They’ve stolen me lucky charms again…….. and I want them back god damn it!”

Kelsey says:


Is that what it has come to, you cracking Irish jokes on yourself? Poor fella. The people of Indiana can be so cruel.

Paul, you are good enough, smart enough, Irish enough, and, doggonit, people like you. At least you should tell yourself this as you sit alone in your room taking pictures of underwear on your head.

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