Picture Bangladesh

The boat trip south of Dhaka took all night…

Dock Kids

In the morning, fog clung to the Padma River…

Foggy Padma

I played a full-contact game of tag in which whoever is IT had to chant Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi…

Kabbadi running

I got tackled…


And most of all, people stared.


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Kyle says:


You’ve got to play more physical than that if you want to “get over” with those guys.

Kelsey says:

Yeah, I should’ve busted a rib or two. I’ll have you know that the pic of me getting tackled is a pic of me about to score 5 points and win the game of Kabaddi. It was glorious!!!!

jv says:

That first pic brings back a lot of memories of my experience in Bangladesh in 1999. Constantly surrounded by kids, lots of curiosity, and plenty of smiles. Glad you’re enjoying the place.

Kelsey says:


The people are great here. Itcan be tiring being stared at all of the time, but if you have the energy to engage the crowd awesome stuff happens. Lots of laughter and lots of smiles.

HijabMan says:

b wahhahahaha, you played kabbadi! that game rocks! 🙂

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