Dhaka and my career as a backup singer

I’m in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where my underwear were made.

Dhaka at sunrise

The people of Bangladesh are awesome. I have yet to catch one look or grimace that had any bad intent. There is indifference, disbelief, and joy, but no ill-will. No equivalent of “Go Home Gringo” exists.

Their willingness to help me, almost makes up for the complete lack of road signs. If I don’t know where I am or where I am going, I stop and ask somebody and soon a crowd forms, sometimes as many as 10 or 12 people. After a little deliberation, the crowd decides what it is exactly I’m saying and how I should proceed. If I think a taxi driver is sticking it to me, I just ask somebody on the street. If the cabbie is overcharging, he will soon be publicly berated.

I will be working with several local journalists on everything from where my underwear were made to exploring the sport of Kabbadi. I am in the process of having some interviews lined up with some Bangladeshi movie stars and, get this, a singer has asked me to be in his newest music video. I will be dressed like a Bangladeshi farmer and lip syncing all of the words. I’m sure I won’t stick out the least bit.

Tonight, I’m traveling by paddleboat to the village of Matlab where my friend Dalton grew up.

Kyle says:

Sounds awesome! Try to work a little old school “coffee grinder” action into the music video.

Justin says:

Sweet glad everything is going good for you and I like Kyle idea “coffie grinder”

Jodie says:

Keep it coming, wrrstie, this is good stuff.

Lynne says:


When you are lipsincing be wure to mouth “Hi Mom”. Randy says just say “watermelon” over and over when you don’t know the words.

Melissa says:

Who knew fame would come to you as a backup singer in Bangladesh!

Kelsey says:

I haven’t heard anything for a few days about the video. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. You can bet I’ll be posting loads about it if it happens.

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